Foster Guidelines: Please read prior to filling out the Foster Application
  • Must be 21 years of age or older in order to foster for our organization
  • All dogs in the home must be spayed and neutered before we will place one of our dogs in your home as a foster(show/working homes excluded)
  • Must have fenced in backyard, preferably 6 foot privacy fence
  • Mastiff/Giant Breed experience is preferred but not 100% necessary if you are willing to learn
  • Dogs must eat approved food by our rescue(we feed PetWay Maintenance Chicken and Brown Rice or PetWay Supreme Chicken and Brown Rice) but we also have a list of other approved foods if you are not in our home base area(Virginia Beach). We do get a discount on food and as most homes provide their foster's food you will get a code for the discount upon check out
  • Fosters must be willing to take their foster dog to our vet when necessary for appointments and if there is an emergency or sickness, out of state fosters we will have to talk to your vet about setting up an account if they are willing to work with rescue, if not, we will need to find a local vet that will work with rescue. 
  • Foster home will always crate their foster dog when they leave.  We will not be held responsible if you choose not to and the foster destroys anything in the home 
  • Foster dog must eat and drink out of an elevated food bowl in order to prevent bloat
  • Foster must be fed 2 times a day in order to prevent bloat
  • Foster may not be exercised 1 hour prior and 2 hours after they eat in order to prevent bloat
  • Foster dog is an INSIDE dog ONLY.  They cannot be left outside while you run errands or left outside unsupervised for any length of time. It takes only a second for someone to come into the yard or for the dog to figure a way out of the yard
  • Dogs must be kept ON LEASH at all times when outside of a fenced in yard and outside of the home. Local leash laws apply. 
  • Your information becomes the property of ECGGR.  It will be used only within the organization and not be disseminated to outside sources. 
If you understand and agree with all these terms please scroll down and begin to fill out the foster application.