Adoption fees are discussed individually once you have been screened to adopt. 

Adoption fees range from $350-650 based on age. The fee for a dog/puppy you maybe interested in will be discussed upon approval thru our application process. 


Spay or Neuter: Between $150-350 depending on weight at the time of the neuter. This includes anesthesia, pain medication and aftercare
Shots: $100(Rabies, Distemper Combo(Distemper, Parvo, Adenovirus, and Parainfluenza) Bordatella, Lepto Vaccine
Heart worm Test: $25
Fecal Test: $20
Deworming: $8-10
Microchip Implant: $25
Heart guard Pill: $10-15 PER MONTH
Flea and Tick Medication: $10-15 PER MONTH
Monthly Food Expense: $30-80

Total "Minimum"Expense for one dog(BASIC VETTING ONLY): $368 for vetting only this does not include our monthly food expense for that dog
Total "Maximum" Expense for one dog: $520 for vetting only this does not include our monthly food expense for that dog.

These expenses do not include:
Boarding Fees-Between $10-25 per day
Treatment for worm infestations, infections, upper respiratory infections that most dogs have when they leave the shelter, urinary tract infections. 
Mange-demodex treatment and diagnosis costs us roughly $150-250 between skin scrapes, office visits, oral medications and re-checks. 
Emergency vet visits/surgery which can go from $200-??? thousands of dollars
Heartworm treatments for Heartworm positive dogs $700-900 per dog
Gastropexy surgery for bloating dog $1,200
Cherry Eye and Entropian Surgery $200-500
Seizure/Epilepsy Testing $150-200 for blood work, follow-ups, seizure medication monthly is roughly $25-40 depending on the size of the dog. 
Radiographs-$100 +
Orthopeodic/Specialist Evaluations-$150+
ACL/CCL Repair-$1,000 + per knee
Hip Dysplasia/Replacement-$3,000 +

These are expenses that we incur because we do rescue, we do not pass along those expenses to you, but keep in mind this is why we charge and adoption fee and why the adoption fee is not negotiable. 

Mastiff Breed puppies under 7 months of age require a deposit of $200 for female and $200 male puppies for adoptions in VA, a deposit of $250 for females and $250 for males applies to out of state adoptions is also required, this deposit is put into an account and you will get it back upon showing proof of spay and neuter within 30 days of the puppy turning 6 months old and no later then 7 months old, SPAYS AND NEUTERS MUST BE COMPLETED BY 7 months of age, NO EXCEPTIONS. If you do not provide us with this proof, your deposit will not be refunded and we will reclaim the puppy.

For Senior and Special needs dogs the fees may be reduced. Whether or not the dog/puppy is 1 or 4 it still costs us the same amount to vet them and get them spayed or neutered.

Please be advised that these adoption fees are collected to ensure a serious home for our rescue dogs only and also to cover the cost of our veterinary bills. Please keep in mind that some dogs only need to be sped up to date on shots and others require thousands of dollars of surgeries to make them better.
All of the dogs and puppies from our rescue come with:

UTD on shots including Distemper, Parvo, Lepto, Corona, Bordatella and Rabies(over 6 months old)
Heart worm test (dog over 1 year old)
Fecal test-Smear and float
Spay/Neuter (dogs over 6 months)
Leash and Collar

Each dog we take in costs anywhere from $300-5,000 to treat.

Please do not ask if our adoption fees are negotiable. They are not, if you cannot afford the adoption fee for a dog that has been fully vetted, we will not adopt the dog out to you. Once in a while a dog that has come into rescue already vetted will have a reduced adoption fee.

Adoption Fees are subject to change WITHOUT notice.

We are a Mastiff Rescue but as space allows we take in American Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Bull Terriers, Mini Bulls etc. These dogs' adoption fees will vary and will be listed on their individual pages. If you are interested in a non-mastiff please email us regarding the adoption fee.