Current Processing Times for Applications are 2-4 Weeks

WE DO NOT PROCESS APPLICATIONS THE ENTIRE WEEK OF A HOLIDAY~Easter/Memorial Day Weekend/4th of July/Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's in order to give our volunteers a break and to spend time with their families. If you submitted your application for example on October 5th, your application will go into processing with a volunteer between November 5th-November 19th.

We do our best to respond to each email, inquiry, and application in a timely manner. Please be sure to monitor your email account and your phone to ensure we are able to contact you. Furthermore, please make sure your personal references, your veterinarian, and your landlord (if applicable) are aware that we will be calling to ensure no delays in processing your application. If you are concerned because you haven't been contacted in a timely manner, please do feel free to follow up with us, check in, & let us that you are still interested!

Please fill out ALL FIELDS on this application. If you leave something blank or answer will get you the information at a later time, your application will NOT BE PROCESSED and will be DISCARDED.

This server we use for our applications is a SECURED SERVER. In order to conduct a routine background check we need your LEGAL First and Last Name, Date of Birth and ALL of your Driver's License information. WE HAVE TO PAY FOR THE CHECK AND WE DO NOT PROCEED WITH THE APPLICATION UNTIL THE CHECK IS COMPLETED and comes back with no adverse information. 

There are several reasons we may choose to deny your request to adopt with us. These reasons include but are not limited to: negative references from veterinarian and/or personal references, lack of permission from landlord, failed home visit, lack of understanding of needs of rescue dogs, too young, applicant name found on a “Do not adopt” list, etc.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at